Why Us

We put our clients first. This is the reason why we give utmost importance to customer service levels and delivery processes. We were early adopters of technology and are always striving towards continual improvement in terms of our service and adapting as per our customer expectations and changing business environment. We have dedicated resources and offer Single points of contact for customers for smooth communications and service delivery.

Our business operations are run at our own premises/warehouses at Hyderabad, Vizag and Bangalore locations. It is our endeavour to be nearer to our customers for faster deliveries and ease of communications. We manage our owned fleet of vehicles and full-time employed drivers to ensure seamless operations despite unprecedented situations. We work on the latest ERP systems and on Cloud Software to ensure we have no downtimes in our service levels.

The mission is to lead the industry with a wholesome approach. Our work includes sampling, identification and detection of bioburden. All equipments and facilities intend to control contamination for pharma-biotech manufacturing facilities by avoiding cross contamination. Protective coating of equipments is provided for enhanced safety while working in the chemical manufacturing facilities.

Unlike many consulting organizations, we focus specifically on the areas of microbial sampling techniques, rapid microbial identification & detection systems, Cleaning and Disinfection Systems, Disinfectant Validation Services, Component Entry Systems, Environmental Monitoring Systems, Aseptic Processing Systems, Media Fills, and Personnel Training Systems.
ConsultConnectIdentification of the gap is the first step followed by sourcing the right tools and solutions. We hear our clients very well. We do not compromise on the quality of the product, cost of ownership and modularity for deployment. We have over 50 years of rich experience in sourcing the right tools, products and techniques for every situation. We share our pride in providing innovative solutions developed by our partners and global industry leaders like Merck, Pall, BioMerieux, Veltek Associates, Erlab, Devea, Akzonobel, Protak, MTS, etc., these have been developing and deploying innovative solutions at a large number of GMP organisations globally.ContriveOne of the critical parts of the wholesome approach is the execution of the solutions in the right method. We have a team of trained application support specialists & service engineers at the first level backed up by subject matter experts. All the solutions that were offered would be executed/deployed within the framework of the GXP compliance. We are glad to be executed solutions for over 500 manufacturies facilities in India, this list is not limited to many great Indian manufacturers via Dr Reddy’s, Aurbindo, Cipla, Sun Pharma, Zydus Cadilla, Serum India, Biological E, Bharat Biotech, etc., research centres like IICT, CCMB, NIPER, NIN, RCI etc.,